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    Food_Service_2.jpgHuman Services

    Mr. and Mrs. Knott both came from humble beginnings and did not grow up wealthy. As a result, they had sincere compassion for others in need. Mrs. Knott, whose parents died when she was a young teen, had incredible compassion for people undergoing hardships in life.  Mr. Knott started out driving a tomato truck, then spent time learning about construction, and eventually launched his own building business. He was given opportunities that changed the trajectory of his own life, and he wanted to do the same for others. They both believed in supporting people who wanted to help themselves and get ahead, and they hoped it would engender in them a spirit of giving and opportunity to pass on to others. 


    While they prioritized creating opportunity for people, our founders weren’t above meeting basic needs. While living on their family farm and after having achieved success, they worked the land and donated the fruits of their labor to those in need. At another time, Mr. Knott’s children recalled their father being particularly happy. Reportedly he had just gone to a coat manufacturer to buy out the remaining inventory at the end of season, and was on his way to donate the hundred or so coats to Catholic Charities to give to the homeless.


    Compelled by their own life experiences and their faith, our founders had sincere compassion for the poor, the hungry, the sick, and in particular for women, children and families in crisis.


    The Foundation continues this support by meeting many human service needs within the community.  Our grants touch numerous areas -- from helping to meet people’s basic needs, to housing and homelessness, to workforce development, to family and children’s services. 


    See a full list of recent grants awarded in Human Services.


    We invite you to learn about the outcomes of some of these grants by reading our grant spotlight stories in human services:


    • The Secret Is in the Chef:  Franciscan Center uses human services grant to create more healthy meals to feed the hungry
    • Beyond Books: Enoch Pratt Free Library uses human services grant to support its Mobile Job Center, helping Baltimore residents find employment
    • Revenue for Results:  Baltimore Child Abuse Center uses human services grant to grow its grants management team in order to help heal and protect more children
    • Neighbors Helping NeighborsPartners in Care uses human services grant to harness the power of its members to support the independence of older adults
    • Speaking Up for Foster KidsCASA of Allegany County uses human services grant to be a voice for more foster children
    • A Network for Moving Beyond PovertySt. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore uses human services grant to upgrade information technology across 13 program sites serving the poor
    • A Brighter Future Marian House uses human services grant to create a brighter future for women and the world
    • Beyond Foster Care:  Adoptions Together uses human services grant to help foster children in Baltimore City find permanent connections as they age out of the system
    • Socially Enterprising The League for People With Disabilities uses human services grant to generate jobs and revenue

    • Much More Than a Meal:  Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland uses human services grant to feed the hungry and homebound