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    Ballet_2.jpgArts & Humanities

    Our founders valued arts and humanities for the well-rounded education it brings to humanity and the role it can play in strengthening a community.


    Today the Foundation supports performing, visual and instructional arts programs in the community.


    See a full list of recent grants awarded in Arts & Humanities.


    We invite you to learn about the outcomes of some of these grants by reading our grant spotlight stories in arts and humanities:


    • A Partnership with Unbridled Potential:  B&O Railroad Museum uses arts and humanities grant to build a home on their campus for the Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit
    • Access for AllBaltimore Center Stage uses arts and humanities grant to provide access for all
    • Making Science FunPort Discovery Children's Museum uses arts and humanities grant to make science fun for students at four Catholic schools in Baltimore City
    • Hard Work for Soft Skills:  Art with a Heart uses arts and humanities grant to prepare formerly homeless youth for the workplace
    • Expanding their Tribe of Patrons Everyman Theatre uses arts and humanities grant to find new ways to serve deaf and hard-of-hearing patrons
    • Much More Than a Museum:  Fire Museum of Maryland uses arts and humanities grant to put a spotlight on technology, democracy, and heroism
    • A Stitch In TimeThe Star Spangled Banner Flag House uses arts and humanities grant to showcase Baltimore’s role in our nation’s history