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    Step Two:  Full Grant Proposal

    Applicants selected to submit a full grant proposal will be contacted by a Foundation staff member who will help guide you through the online process and required documentation.


    How do I begin my grant proposal application?

    After your invitation to submit a full grant proposal has been issued, you will receive an email containing instructions on accessing the second step in our online grantmaking process.


    Log in

    Following the instructions shared in your invitation email, go to your Grants Portal Homepage and click on the Pending Requests link. Information will be automatically transferred into the full grant proposal application based upon the information you provided through your online letter of inquiry.


    Compose your proposal

    Complete the required sections of the application.  Please note that each section has specific character limits.  The combined character limits are the cumulative equivalent to six (6) typed pages.  If you do not complete the required sections of the application, you will not be able to submit your form.  


    Important: There is no auto-save function in the grants portal. Please SAVE your work frequently. Click the Edit button to return to your work after you click Save.


    Email a draft of your narrative

    We offer each applicant the opportunity to have Foundation staff review and respond to a draft of the narrative portion of your full grant proposal.  Although this is not a requirement, many applicants find this to be a very valuable step in our grantmaking process.


    To submit a draft of your proposal for comments and feedback prior to your final submission, please click the Submit button in the top corner of your online application. Proposal drafts will be reviewed through the online grants portal on a first come, first served basis.  Comments will be shared via your Grants Portal Homepage within one week of receiving draft submissions. 


    Upload your required documents

    Please make sure you review the list of required documents as outlined in the Attachments section of the online application.  You may also access and download a copy of the required attachments list through the Documents Library link on the Grants Portal Homepage.


    Edit, review, and submit your application

    Edit and review your application for substance and accuracy.  Once you are satisfied with your application, click Re-Submit. You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application.  You may also track the status of your request via the links in your Grants Portal Homepage.


    Important: Completed submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST on the published deadline date.


    What happens after I submit my grant proposal?

    All organizations being considered for a grant award will be contacted by either a Knott Foundation Trustee or staff member to schedule a site visit.  Site visits are generally conducted within 45 days of the published deadline for full grant proposal submissions.


    Can I make a change to my full grant proposal after I submit?

    Applicants may not change the request/need of their full grant proposal after the final full proposal has been submitted.